Experiencing social anxiety? Try Selfie GO!

Would you like to interact and socialize more with other people, but doubt if you‘ll have enough confidence? Selfie GO might be just the thing you need.

According to VerywellMind Social anxiety disorder affects up to 13% of the population. People with SAD have trouble making friends and maintaining friendships. But there is much that can be done through self-help to overcome social anxiety.

Sharing your story with other people or engaging in a common activity might prove helpful. You might also try and go to some new place instead of following the same routine every week! Not only will you challenge your social anxiety about new surroundings, but you might discover you have been missing out on some great aspect of your neighborhood. Try something new or exciting to forget about your social anxiety and surround yourself with new positive people.

Selfie GO has got you covered here as the app will show you new places to visit and helps to start interesting conversations and fun adventures with other people. Try it for yourself!

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