Selfie GO: AR Social Network
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Selfie GO is a new disruptive social network that uses gamification and AR to help people find friends with just a couple of taps.

On the map, you can see other users(the ones who didn’t choose to hide their location) and “towers” - AR objects of two kinds: Public and Private. Public ones host challenges - photo contests where a certain topic is proposed for a week, and users may submit their photos on that topic, and other users may like the photos. The most liked one becomes the winner. Private towers don’t host challenges, and they allow a user to post as many photos as they want, on any topic they want, including their small business ads or their personal promotional photo-feed.

Challenges are weekly photo contests. Each tower generates its own topic. Some topics are for selfies, some - for photos(which may or may not to be a selfie). Users are supposed to submit their photos on this topic to the towers. Other users may like them, Each like brings users a coin. The most liked photo becomes the challenge winner, and the user gets additional coins (the amount equal to the one already earned in that challenge).

You can buy a Private Tower using coins you earned in challenges. Private towers are sold on auctions, so you make a bet on a tower you like, and if your bet is the highest among other users willing to get that one, the tower is yours.

The amount of private and public towers is generated based on the area’s population and popularity in the real world. Though, if you think you are located in a pretty active area which lacks towers, you may always contact our Customer Support Service, and we may consider adding more towers in certain areas if there’s a demand for them. Note that you shouldn’t necessarily be close to the tower to interact with it: it’s enough to see it on the map. Moreover, you may discover other towers in other places by checking profiles of other users and visiting(or even adding to your favorites) the towers they are active on.